Black Forest LDN

Welcome to Black Forest London, the home of the world’s first E-Mask, an electronic mask designed to increase safety while offering style and comfort


The 'E-Mask'

The EMask is a product for those who enjoy an active lifestyle, it aims to raise the awareness of active people in both urban and rural settings, from cyclist and joggers on busy urban streets or quiet country lanes to hikers in the countryside. Whether it is day or night, the EMask will increase their visibility and thus, enhance safety. While being active outdoors, the EMask also enables you to breathe cleaner air through its special anti-pollution and anti-dust valve.


Main aims

How funding will develop the brand and further products.There are four main aims of Black Forest London:

  • To create a product that increases the safety of active people.
  • To make people feel more confident and safe while being active anywhere.
  • To enhance the visibility of active people by motorist.
  • To have the EMask a common and natural part of active wear, not only in the UK or Europe but the world over.

With funding from you, Black Forest London can bring the EMask to the market. The company aim to improve safety in our heavy congested cities and wining rural areas and believe the EMask is the product to do it.


Creative Design

The EMask is easy to put on and made from a stretchy EVA material, purposely chosen to fit all ages and sizes. A thin EL wire threads through the front of the mask intelligently fitted to circular the mouth and nostrils. Vibrant fluorescent colours are used on the outside to illuminate the mask; the inner lining is made from black EVA material, which is smooth and soft ensuring comfort. The valve system is carefully inserted into the mask and allows for cleaner air flow as you breathe. The EMask is battery operated and has an adjustable wire and clip system so that the battery pack can be fitted discreetly onto your clothes or pockets. The weight of the mask is only three grams making it lightweight.


Future Products

EMask Wireless! Black Forest London would like to develop the EMask, the natural progression is to have the EMask Wireless. The technical design to develop the EMask Wireless is already in development, the EMask Wireless would last up 24 hours at full charge, allowing active people to stay active longer and later. The long-term goals of Black Forest London is to travel to cycling hubs around the world to promote the product such as, the countries hosting major cycling events for example, the 2017 Cycling Championships taking place in Madison Square, The Omnium in Rio and the Keirin in Japan. The possibilities of where this product can go are limitless. Black Forest London believe in the EMask and the EMask Wireless and hope you do too.